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Technology Partners


DFnet is a healthcare technology company that provides hybrid solutions, including electronic data capture, eSource, and data management services, bringing more flexibility, better data quality, and greater efficiency to clinical trials everywhere in the world.

DFnet started in Seattle, WA (USA) in 2004 as a group of clinical researchers, data managers and software developers on a mission to support and improve research on pivotal global health studies. For over 20 years, DFnet has been tailoring eClinical software and services to help CROs, pharma, biotech and research organizations bring global trials to the world.

This blend of technology and teamwork defines the way we work. We don’t just build our clinical trial management software; we also use it every day to help researchers move science forward.

DF/Net Research, Inc

140 Lakeside Ave. Suite 310,

Seattle, Washington 98122 USA

Phone: +1-206-322-5931




We are inspired by the idea of developing an innovative tool for clinical data collection. OnlineCRF is configured by our OWN TEAM. You don't need to worry about how the system can be configured. We carefully study the clinical protocol and CRF and configure the system accordingly. You will be provided with the ready-to-go system, which could be used to collect data and manage the project.

It is generally understood that the data collection procedure is time- and effort-consuming. We strive to make OnlineCRF and operating procedures as efficient as possible. As a result, OnlineCRF configures two times faster than competitors, and it reduces the data collection longevity and speeds up the investigational program. Our system perfectly fit the needs of small and medium pharmaceutical companies as well as CROs. Our main motivation is to enhance innovation speed in the pharmaceutical industry via technological solutions.

Pharmaxi LLC

Wita Stwosza 16, 50-148,

Wroclaw, Poland

Phone: +48 718808604




CliniOps App Suite brings cutting edge technology innovations, to help the Pharma, Biotech and Med Device companies bring drugs & devices FASTER to market, with HIGH data quality and LESS time & cost. CliniOps App Suite not only eliminates several inefficiencies and manual processes, but also transforms the clinical trial workflow by streamlining the data collection, data analytics, and data submission processes.

Clinical Research Industry is at a point of inflection and change of technology can introduce a paradigm shift in how the operations would be carried out going forward. Cutting-edge technology innovation in Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC), provides a unique opportunity to transform the industry. Adoption of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), can provide a rich decision support system for Real-time trial Analytics & Adaptive Clinical Trials.

CliniOps Inc

38750 Paseo Padre Parkway,

Suite C8 Fremont, CA 94536, USA

Phone: (408) 829-4677