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Simplify your consent process with ClinConsent

ClinConsent is a patient-centric eConsent tool, that improves the Informed Consent process and engage participants throughout the study using local languages, interactive multimedia platform and digital signature. This provides study participants with adequate information about the research to allow for an informed decision about the subject’s voluntary participation in a research study.

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Key Features

Subject Recruitment and eConsent solution in one platform with
robust APIs to integrate with any standard EDC products.

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Quiz Modules & FAQ document

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Version control & Multilingual

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Remote Consenting

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eIC Review & Approval Workflow

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Dedicated dashboards for Sponsors, Site Managers and IEC/IRBs

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Instant Subject & Site Communication

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Multimedia Support

Why ClinConsent ?

ClinConsent is an Electronic Informed Consent application for CROs, Research Institutions and Hospitals of any size that is looking to improve patient consent time and cut down on paperwork. ClinConsent ensures a seamless patient journey and consistent user experience across all stages of the study with consent and re-consent process, and the only Electronic Informed Consent solution that can serve as a stand alone solution or fully integrate with EDC or EHR platform.

ClinConsent removes the risk of mishandled consent documents and subsequent issues in regulatory inspections. It simplifies the Informed Consent for Sponsors, Site Managers, IRB, and Ethics Committees with an easy-to-use technology platform and configurable workflows. This dramatically improves the visibility and transparency of the Consent process and leads to improved compliance.

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    A versatile product that can be used on most devices and across different platforms.

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    Simple, user-friendly Electronic Consent. Patient-centric design keeps engagement and adherence up, while site staff are freed from time-consuming explanations and able to focus on higher value patient focused efforts.

Licensing Models



eConsent cloud offering 24x7 customer support.


One-time cloud setup charges.


Monthly/Yearly fees per System User with various roles.


One-time/Yearly fees per volunteer per Study with unlimited consents.


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Branding to your organization and supporting your customers with seamless experience.


One-time Branding Fees.


Customized Color Scheme.


Saas service and pricing applicable.

Source Code Licensing

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Source code licensing with an option to outsource development and support to ClinConsent.


Negotiable handover period.


Organization specific product development and support services.

What makes Electronic Informed Consent different from paper consent?

Virtual care is increasingly becoming a common area of interest, as it opens a world full of possibilities for exchange of patient information. It also helps provide timely entry of any electronically Informed Consent data and for collecting subject’s consent from remote locations. The process also allows patients to explore trial-specific words and concepts at their own pace through linked text, which can improve the quality of discussions between site staff and patients in a less intimidating way. ClinConsent will efficiently reduce data transcription errors.

Electronic documentation of consent may be used when researchers conduct the consent process with participants in person, as well as when potential participants are not physically present during the consent process.

  • Easy access for both Volunteers and Site Coordinators
  • Secure documentation
  • Reduces the number of dropouts
  • Decreases compliance risk
  • Global acceptability

FDA guidance on Electronic Informed Consent


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